“Enter The Fadolín” – limited CD-R edition!

I am very grateful to all of my friends who have already pre-ordered my album “Enter The Fadolín” on Bandcamp. Some of you have asked whether “Enter The Fadolín” will be available on CD — needless to say, CD sales have slowed dramatically in the last decade with streaming and downloads becoming prevalent, and it’s hard to find a new computer or car with a CD drive anymore. For many years, CDs sounded a lot better than downloads – but now you can stream or download music from the internet at sample rates surpassing CD quality. (You can download “Enter The Fadolín” as a 96k/24b uncompressed master from Bandcamp.)

For musicians, the primary remaining vehicle for selling CDs had been touring — but the pandemic has largely put an end to that, too.

While it makes little sense to press a run of “Enter The Fadolín” CDs at this time, I do have a solution — 15-20 years ago, I used to send out a lot of CD-Rs as demos. I still have a spindle of CD-Rs left, as well as a variety box of jewel cases. I have been saving them, perhaps, for this moment.

I’m offering a limited edition of handmade, autographed CD-R copies of “Enter The Fadolín”. I will burn these to order.

Scroll down to “limited edition homemade autographed CD-R” on the album page, below:

As this edition will be autographed, please include a name you’d like it autographed to in the order.

Thank you and enjoy!


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