Upcoming shows

Now that the release schedule of “Discontent Farm” is behind me, it’s time to get back to get back to posting about my favorite subject — upcoming live shows!

Here is what’s coming up shortly —

“The Fat Song” — For Morgan Spurlock

About a year before “Super Size Me” was released, Morgan Spurlock put out an open call for songwriters to submit songs for the film. As someone with rich experience eating fast food, I decided to accept the challenge and write a brutal song about being fat. I’ve held the demo back for almost 22 years — maybe it’s time for you to hear it.

O Hannukeh, Hannukeh! / arr. Ljova

Happy Hannukah (Khanike, Hannukeh, Chanukah, חנוכה, Ханука) to all of my Jewish friends! May we shine extra bright this year!

Here’s a video from last December of my arrangement of the Yiddish song “O, Hannukeh, Hannukeh”, with two superstars, Michael Nicolas on cello and Nick Revel on viola — and me, Ljova – on fadolín.