Chamber Music (vocal & instrumental)

DISCOGRAPHY | TUNES (lead sheets)

2021 The Seven Little Lanes | 18 minutes
for fadolín and accordion
commissioned by Muzika Erdvėje

2012|2021 Two Roads | 15 minutes
for violin and cello
commissioned by Art of Élan

2020 Vocalise | 4.5 minutes
for soprano and fadolín
commissioned by the Refugee Orchestra Project

2020 Lullaby for Restless Dreamers | 4 minutes
for clarinet and viola

2020 Together!* | 6 minutes
for flute, percussion harp and fadolín, to be performed over video conference
commissioned by Percussia

2020 TAngst | 3 minutes
for viola and piano
commissioned by Anastassia Chernyavsky

2020 Social Instants | 8 minutes
for two violins (or fadolíns), to be performed over video conference

2020 Intermezzo | 5 minutes
for fadolín and two cellos, to be performed over video conference

2020 Netlicks!
an ongoing ever-evolving composition project for musicians worldwide

2018 Meditation on Kol Nidrei| 7 minutes
for string quartet
commissioned by the Cassatt String Quartet

2018 we see you| 4 minutes
for cello and piano
commissioned by Adam Fisher

2017 Kids These Days| 5 minutes
for flute, clarinet, guitar, two violins, fadolín and piano
commissioned by From The Top

2017 Clarinet Quintet: “The Refugee”| 17 minutes
for clarinet and string quartet
commissioned by Art of Élan

2016 Autumn Medley| 10 minutes
for violin and viola
commissioned by the B’nai Ephraim Family Circle

2016 Carousel Dances (formerly “The Brass Ring”) | 12 minutes
for brass trio (trumpet, trombone, tuba) and other combinations
commissioned by Make Music New York

2016 Rockaway Baby | 12 minutes
for woodwind quintet
commissioned by Quintet of the Americas through a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and a residency from Chamber Music America

2015 An Appalachian Wind| 16 minutes
for oboe, narrator & bluegrass band
commissioned by Heather Killmeyer through Eastern Tennessee State University

2014 Gi-gue-ly| 4 minutes
for Sybarite5 (two violins, viola, cello, bass)
commissioned by Sybarite5

2013 Canal | 7 minutes
for the Silk Road Ensemble
premiere instrumentation: clarinet, shakuhachi, pipa, 2 percussion, strings
commissioned by the Silk Road Project through its residency at Harvard University

2013 The First Rite | 25 minutes
for flexible chamber ensemble
premiere instrumentation: vocal, clarinet, trumpet, electric guitar, accordion, hammered dulcimer, fadolín, bass, percussion
commissioned by the Rite of Summer Music Festival

2013 Lullaby & Memory | 7 minutes
for woodwind quintet
2013 Click | 3 minutes
for woodwind quintet & percussion
commissioned by the Quintet of the Americas (New York, NY)
with funds from Chamber Music America & New Music USA

2013 Songs of Bert Meyers | 17 minutes
for voice & chamber ensemble (woodwind quintet, harp, violin, viola, cello, bass)
commissioned by Art of Élan (San Diego, CA)

2013 Shadow and Light  | 14 minutes
for viola & percussion
commissioned by DuoJalal (Tuckahoe, NY), through private donors

2012 Culai | 18 minutes
for string quartet
commissioned by Brooklyn Rider, through the Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program, with generous funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Chamber Music America Endowment Fund.

2011 Everywhere is Falling Everywhere | 15 minutes
for the Silk Road Ensemble, instrumentation flexible
commissioned by Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble (Boston, MA)

2011 Old Lautar and Diminution Reel | 8 minutes
for Spark (Karlsruhe, Germany): 2 recorders, viola, cello, piano

2010 Niña Dance | 18 minutes
for vocalist & chamber ensemble (flexible instrumentation)
Texts by Marjorie Agosín and Saúl Yurkievich, translated to English by  Cola Franzen & Celeste Kostopulos-Cooperman
commissioned by Carnegie Hall Corporation and the Weill Music Institute

2010 Lamentation | 6 minutes
for two cellos
commissioned by 2VC – Eugene Carr & Jessie Reagen Mann

2007 Lower Neighbor | 6 minutes
for Spark: 2 recorders, viola, cello, piano
commissioned by Spark

2005-2008 The Vjola Suite | 20 minutes
includes: Bagel on the MaleconPlumeOri’s Fearful SymmetryCrosstown & Budget Bulgar
instrumentation varies – see details

2005 By The Campfire (Na Kostre) | 5 minutes
for vocalist and string quartet
Text: from Goliard poetry, translated to Russian by Lev Ginzburg

2003 PotpourElaine | 6 minutes
for three violins (or three violas)
commissioned by The Sutton Ensemble, through the Puffin Foundation

2003 Intermezzo Sentimentale | 4 minutes
for one or two violins, and viola

2003 25 | 5 minutes
for viola and piano

2002 Sensation | 3 minutes
for mezzo-soprano and piano
Text: Arthur Rimbaud
Commissioned by Ying Zhu

2002 Still Good, After All These Years | 4 minutes
for cello and piano

2002 No Satisfying Ending… |16 minutes
for viola and piano

2001 Window Cleaner | 4 minutes
for string quartet

2001 Woody Allen Coffee Music | 3 minutes
for string quartet

2001 Waltz “My Heritage” | 4 minutes
for string quartet

1997/2001 Waltz “Kreislerisch” |4 minutes
for string quartet

2000 Romance Funebre | 6 minutes
for two violas (or other combinations of two similar string instruments)

2000 Sicilienne | 4 minutes
for violin (or flute, or cello) and piano

1999 c. 1911+  | 5 minutes
for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon

1997 TeChNo! | 9 minutes
for two pianos

1997 Waltz “Agnieszka” | 5 minutes
for string quartet

1997 Waltz | 4 minutes
for string quartet

1995 Elegia | 4 minutes
for viola (or cello) and piano

1995 Sonata | 10 minutes
for tuba and piano
commissioned by Benjamin Z Massin

1995 Duet | 9 minutes
for violin and viola
commissioned by Yuri and Johnny Gandelsman

1994/1995 Morgenmusic | 4 minutes
for string quartet (or string quintet)

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