“The Fat Song” — For Morgan Spurlock

About a year before “Super Size Me” was released, Morgan Spurlock put out an open call for songwriters to submit songs for the film. As someone with rich experience eating fast food, I decided to accept the challenge and write a brutal song about being fat. I’ve held the demo back for almost 22 years — maybe it’s time for you to hear it.

Upcoming shows

Now that the release schedule of “Discontent Farm” is behind me, it’s time to get back to get back to posting about my favorite subject — upcoming live shows!

Here is what’s coming up shortly —

O Hannukeh, Hannukeh! / arr. Ljova

Happy Hannukah (Khanike, Hannukeh, Chanukah, חנוכה, Ханука) to all of my Jewish friends! May we shine extra bright this year!

Here’s a video from last December of my arrangement of the Yiddish song “O, Hannukeh, Hannukeh”, with two superstars, Michael Nicolas on cello and Nick Revel on viola — and me, Ljova – on fadolín.