Ljova playing the Nathaniel Rowan fadolín

Nathaniel Rowan fadolín for sale

Hi friends,

I’ve decided to part ways with this beautiful art fadolín that was made for me by Nathaniel Rowan in 2020. It has great sentimental value for me — my album “Enter The Fadolín” was recorded on it, and, among those pieces, the “Midnight Suite” came from improvising on this instrument.

But in 2022 I received a fadolín from Alexander Tulchinsky, who also made my viola in 1997, and I haven’t played the Rowan fadolín as much since then.

I don’t want this gorgeous instrument to sit in my closet – I want to hear it played and for it to inspire new music.

Please see some videos and pictures below. This instrument is violin-scale. Feel free to reach out via https://Ljova.com/contact – serious inquiries only. I’m based in New York City.

Thank you!


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