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Where to watch Alberto and the Concrete Jungle

Some of you have asked where it’s possible to watch Alberto and the Concrete Jungle, the soundtrack to which forms the bulk of my new album “Lost in Kino 2” — well, these days you can watch it for free on Amazon Prime! (You can also find it on YouTube – though I’m unsure if you’ll have to endure it with ads… lots of ads there lately..)

Alberto and the Concrete Jungle should have been a massive indie hit and launching pad — it was shot in the streets of NY and employed a cast of hundreds, and was a very ambitious debut feature from writer/director Chris Shimojima, someone I’ve had the great honor of collaborating with for nearly a decade.

But the film premiered in 2020 — the last event we had was a cast + crew screening on March 8th at the Anthology Film Archives — and then the world shut down. The film premiered at zoom festivals, drive-in festivals, Facebook Live festivals, and online virtual movie theaters. It’s never had a theatrical run, which, for a film of its ambition and size, is really a shame.

The soundtrack — a pocket orchestra recorded in my home studio with musicians coming in one by one — is really fun. Here’s an article about the recording and process.

I’m hoping that you’ll get a chance to see it!
Inna and I make an on-screen cameo appearance. 🙂

Enjoy + thank you!


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