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Lost in Kino 2 – now available!

Lost in Kino 2, the sequel to my 2011 album “Lost in Kino“, features music from three film projects that were released in 2019 and 2020 — Chris Shimojima‘s debut feature “Alberto and the Concrete Jungle“, Igor Runov‘s documentary about the Holodomor, “Big Lies” and Banning Bouldin‘s dance work “The Triangle“, which features my music in a dance-on-screen.

Take a listen to the album below — the Bandcamp edition includes an exclusive bonus track, from Marta Renzi‘s award-winning dance film “Her Magnum Opus“:

Download the album for $5 via Bandcamp!

Though very orchestral in its palette, this album was almost exclusively recorded at my home studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with each musician spending one to three hours recording their parts, one at a time. We had a blast recording it, and I’m grateful to share this music with you. (There are some pictures from the recording sessions in this interview.)

I’d love to thank, first and foremost, the filmmakers — Banning Bouldin, Chris Shimojima, and Igor Runov — for telling their stories and trusting me to express them in music.

I’m also very grateful to the musicians, many of whom I’ve known for decades and others I met for the first time in front of the microphones, for lending their magic to these pieces.

If the music sounds good — and it does — then it’s to the credit of Alex Kharlamov (who mixed the first track) and James Sizemore (who mixed the rest), for making a home studio album sound like it was recorded by a full orchestra at Abbey Road. I have worked with James and Alex for twenty years and feel so lucky to have their ears on my projects. This is my first project mastered by Oscar Zambrano, who found a way to unify three different projects into a whole.

To my wife, Inna, who returns to grace my albums with a song; to my dad, composer Alexander Zhurbin, whose film scores were my first inspirations, and my mom, poet Irena Ginzburg, whose songwriting duet with my dad continues to fill and nourish our home with love, laughter and creative force; to our kids, Benjy and Yosi, who have heard this music in mockups and stems, and welcomed so many musicians through our doors.

To Corinna Škėma Snyder for capturing many vivid images of New York City with her lens, and to Glenda Morahan for her title design;

To Eric Aceto and Alexander Tulchinsky, whose instruments have given me my voice, and finally —

To you — thank you for finding the time to listen.
Enjoy the music.

Track 1 performed by:
Ljova, fadolín, famiola and viola (1)

Tracks 2-10 performed by:
Andrew Rehrig, flutes
Keve Wilson, oboe + English horn
Vasko Dukovski, clarinet
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Rachel Drehmann, horn
William Day, trumpet
James Rogers, bass trombone

Andy Blanco, timpani and percussion
Mathias Künzli, drumset and frame drum

Patrick Farrell, accordion
Elizabeth Brown, theremin
Madeline Olson, harp
Dan Lippel, guitars

Ljova, fadolín, famiola and viola
Yves Dhar, cello
Jordan Sand, bass

Track 11 performed by:
Inna Barmash, vocal
Ljova, fadolín
Matthew Schreiber, accordion
Matt Pavolka, bass
Jeremy Smith, percussion

Track 12 performed by:
Trio Fadolín
Sabina Torosjan, violin
Ljova, fadolín
Valeriya Sholokhova, cello

Tracks 13-15 performed by:
Ljova, fadolín and viola
Yves Dhar, cello
Pedro Giraudo, bass

Bandcamp exclusive Track 16 performed by:
Ariadne Greif, soprani
Bridget Kibbey, harps

Timpani and percussion recorded by Andy Blanco
Drums recorded by Ken Rich at Grand Street Recording
Everyone else recorded by Ljova

Mixed by James Sizemore (2-15) and Alex Kharlamov (1)
Mastering by Oscar Zambrano

Cover photo by Corinna Škėma Snyder
Title design by Glenda Morahan

all music published by Ljova Music (ASCAP)
© and ℗ 2022 Kapustnik Records

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