Bach x Ljova – Sarabande (Live from Toronto Music Garden)

Ljova, fadolín
Live from Toronto Music Garden
August 24, 2022

For those who know the piece, you’ll see that it takes a wrong turn quite early on, and then — even more turns — why? To quote Tevye — “I’ll tell you — I don’t know!”

Here’s a “Sarabande” by J.S. Bach, reimagined from the inside out for the fadolín at the Toronto Music Garden. I was standing in the intimate “Sarabande” corner of this garden, and it felt only appropriate to play precisely this — this was entirely spontaneous and unrehearsed, and I’m not sure if I was choosing the notes or the garden… but I really enjoyed where this music took me, and hope that you will, too.

See you out there, friends!
Thank you for listening. And thank you to Julie Muir-Messervy and Yo-Yo Ma for bringing this garden to life.

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