Twin Hallelujahs Cohen Händel Ljova

Twin Hallelujahs

Which “Hallelujah” shall we play today — how about both? A few days ago my Canadian viola brother Pemi Paull posted a delicious VIOLACAM video of him and his stand partner playing the Hallelujah chorus with an orchestra in Montreal.. And then I thought – there’s another Montreal-local “Hallelujah” — can they go together? Let’s try.

So here’s that — Twin Hallelujahs, featuring the great duo PALEFSKY, with Maryse Legault and Pemi, live premiere video from La place commune. Over the pandemic I’ve written two other short pieces for them, which I hope you’ll hear soon.

Happy Holidays! May your holidays be full of light.

Händel / Cohen / Ljova
Twin Hallelujahs

Maryse Legault, clarinet
Pemi Paull, viola

live from Le Place Commune, Montréal
December 2022

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