working through the outbreak

Dear Friends,

Roughly a third of my work typically comes from performing in public as a violist, fadolínist and band leader — but during these times, we all have to focus on work we can do to help one another while working remotely, creating experiences for intimate audiences and making every occasion special.

With that in mind, I’m putting together this quick list of things I can do capably within the current framework of our world. This is in addition to works that are currently available for licensing, and sheet music you can use at your next (very small) event.

1) Composing — I have diverse experience composing for film, dance, and the concert stage. With film festivals postponed and major venues shuttered, I would like to propose micro commissions. These could include pieces for one or two instruments or small scores to film projects. See a list of my compositions, here: and filmography at

2) Teaching violin / viola / fadolín / composition. I love teaching — for the past few years I have been teaching violin, viola and composition to children ranging from 5 to 14. Often, my teaching work combines performance, improvisation and composition, teaching performers to be creative, and teaching composers to think like performers, mixing classical and folkloric repertoire. Expanding on this practice, I would love to begin teaching the fadolín, or 6-string violin, to adults. Thanks to my Patreon community, I have been working on creating new music for the instrument, expanding its repertoire and possibilities. You can hear some of the new fadolín music here:

3) Recording violin / viola / fadolínand other instruments — for your musical projects. I have had a home recording setup for nearly 20 years, with which I have recorded most orchestral instruments, and a range of others, from bagpipes to theremin, for various projects. In addition to recording myself, I have a roster of local New York musicians who can come to my studio to record. Currently, my recording gear includes two Neumann condenser mics (U87-ai and TLM-103) among other gear. “Melting River”, “Vjola: World on Four Strings” and many of my film and dance works were recorded with the home setup. Hear some of my recordings at

4) Arranging / Orchestration / Transcription work — over the years, I have done a great deal of arranging and orchestration work for ensembles ranging from two musicians to a full orchestra and choir. I would be delighted to arrange, orchestrate and transcribe anything for your project. I have twenty years of experience notating in Sibelius, and am also quite proficient working with Dorico. See a list of my arranging works here:

5) Play “Netlicks!” with me! Netlicks is an ongoing ever-changing composition project, meant to connect and feature musicians all over the world. Netlicks is a collaboration between you and me and everyone else. It depends on you – join us!
See more at

These are just starter ideas! Surely others will come.

Please do not hesitate to reach out. Be safe, be strong, and be in touch.

Thank you!


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