Enter The Fadolín – Behind The Tracks – Going Home / Light

Continuing the thread of “Behind The Tracks” posts about my new album “Enter The Fadolín”, this post focuses on two tracks that go back-to-back, hand-in-hand:

“Going Home -> Leaving Home -> Finding Home Again” and “Light”
Listen to them both below as you read this post.

Low Gear jamming (Zoom >< Skype) with Ljova and Zisl

This image looks like two musicians on a Zoom call, but with a twist — we can play at the same time and actually hear each other! How is this possible? The answer, as the modern parlance goes, may surprise you —-> we’re also connected on Skype! Allow me to explain —

Meditation on Kol Nidrei

Doubt, confusion, an inner repentance – these were the themes I tried to work with in creating my “Meditation” on this most solemn prayer, recited on the Jewish day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. In my composition, the traditionally familiar motifs are fragmented, inverted, and fused together in a way that is connected by question marks. Will we be forgiven?