Souparest continues

True to form, I spoke too soon. The very next day after my previous rant on Bucharest, we found a very civilized restaurant called “La Mama”, where we had very qualitative vegetable soup, and I also had excellent cabbage stew. They had menus in English, and “improving” service. (There are four LaMama locations in Bucharest.)

And this Sunday afternoon, we found a rather average bowl of Minestrone at “IL CORSO”, a restaurant here described as

Placed in the middle of Bucharest, Il Corso is by its special atmosphere, the place where you forget about the city’s fuss and enjoy the different italian dishes and the varied drinks wich it puts at your disposal.

Indeed. But best of all, they had Minestrone, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, and – made to order – broccoli with fresh garlic. I was on 7th heaven. (The waiter was appropriately startled.)

If only we could find some soy milk!

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