dance the night away

I must’ve spent too much time listening to NPR, and have spent too much time thinking about how to talk about music. In truth, we all pursue something because it is either inspiring or financially rewarding. Trying to make the two meet is the musician’s constant struggle. Sometimes it can be magical.

I’m trying to pursue dance music because I see a deep void that needs filling. Yet, I have no desire to learn anything about dance. Part of it is lazyness, and part of it is because traditional dance forms do not inspire me. They don’t inspire 99% of the population who try to dance (in an informal way), same way that Mahler symphonies don’t really inform 99% of singer-songwriters. For some people, all the distilled danceforms are a charming and fun way to spend time after work; for me they’re stale and annoying. Probably for me it’s over-saturation — I’ve seen, heard and performed far too many waltzes, and far too many choruses of “in the mood”.

But whatever it is, all the talking ought to stop. It’s taking away from the creation of new music.

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