Vjola Suite (2005-2008)

The Vjola Suite is a collection of five short musical compositions in contrasting musical styles, heavily influenced by folk music from Eastern Europe, Cuba, Mali, and the Middle East. It is is a collection of lively dances, for which the steps have not yet been choreographed, and represent my attempt to fuse the rhythms of world music with the beautiful colors of a classical ensemble, to create a new kind of dance – elegant, entertaining, and somewhat asymmetrical. While none of the rhythms are genuinely traditional, they aspire to create a new sense of balance, enjoyment, and flight. All but one (Budget Bulgar) were released on my debut recording, Vjola: World on Four Strings as multi-track viola sketches, and then re-imagined for various combinations.

The individual movements can be (and often are) performed and purchased separately. To find out more, hear previews, and purchase individual movements, please click on the titles, below. The rest of this page will address the Suite, the sheet music for which is offered at a substantial savings.

More info about the individual pieces in detail:
1. Bagel on the Malecon
2. Plume
3. Ori’s Fearful Symmetry
4. Crosstown
5. Budget Bulgar
CATEGORY Chamber music, multi-track viola music
INSTRUMENTATION — string trio (violin / viola / cello)
— string quartet (2 violins / viola / cello) + optional bass
(For musical reasons, Crosstown is only available in the quartet version.)Individual movements may be available in additional instrumental combinations — see their pages for more info.
DURATION 18-20 minutes

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