Shtetl Portrait

Ljova: Shtetl Portrait (2022)
Ljova, fadolín

Ljova’s fadolín was made by Alexander Tulchinsky
Created with support of Ljova’s Patreon community.

Shtetl Portrait” was the first piece that came out of this beautiful fadolín, at the house of its maker, Alexander Tulchinsky, in Connecticut, in early February of 2022. It’s inspired by a vision of a portrait — perhaps an early photograph — of a family in a shtetl, a Jewish village in the former Pale of Settlement. In addition to being a wonderful luthier, Alexander Tulchinsky is a beautiful painter, and the paintings on the walls helped inspire this piece.

I often play “Shtetl Portrait” as a warmup while practicing. It’s quiet and tender, and takes advantage of the fadolín range in a non-flashy way. I hope that you’ll enjoy it, too!

Sheet music (image) below or download the sheet music as a PDF.

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