Carnegie Hall Citywide Poster for Trio Fadolín in Times Square

Trio Fadolín in Times Square / Carnegie Hall Citywide

In June 2023, our group Trio Fadolín (with Sabina Torosjan, Valeriya Sholokhova and myself, with guest vocalist Inna Barmash) had the great joy of playing in the heart of Times Square as part of the Carnegie Hall Citywide series, an event made even more joyous by the fact that the show was once postponed due to rain — second time was the charm! The weather was perfect, and the concert was all the more precious that all of our moms and my dad, and both of our kids were in the audience. Among other pieces, we played two of my dad’s “Three Muses” that he wrote for us, to everyone’s delight.

What follows is a few pictures — never did I expect to play in Times Square! In my New York childhood, Times Square was quite different. The intensity of looking out from the stage and seeing thousands of people, hundreds of LCD screens, dozens of impersonators and characters — was indescribable.

Thank you, Carnegie Hall and Times Square Live!

Guest vocalist Inna Barmash joined us for three songs to close the set.
Ljova’s dad, Alexander Zhurbin, taking a bow after his piece, “Three Muses”, commissioned by Trio Fadolín

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