Dharma on 73rd Street

As innabar continues her Vox365 Project in the third day, she asks me for creative input. I politely decline. Recording material explicitly for remixing is like trying to craft scrap metal before throwing it away. Why should I have any input on someone else’s scrap metal? One woman’s out of tune note is another’s nirvana, one broken phrase is another’s disco loop. There is no reason for me to intervene — my job is simply to press record, encode, and upload. That’s probably another reason why I think that recording material for remixing is not terribly productive. Enjoyable, yes, but not terribly productive. You can say “Gah” and someone will find use for it; you can sing melodies, and someone will steal them.. but does it really help your growth as an artist? I’m not so sure.

On another note, enjoy a new piece I just recorded – a quasi-raga of sorts, definitely inspired by John Adams’ Dharma at Big Sur to which I was listening earlier, at the gym. This new piece (“Fresh Wood 1”) was recorded on my new instrument, about which I’ll have a separate post in a day or two. Meanwhile, enjoy!

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