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Dear list,

I know this is entirely off-topic, but perhaps you have some advice:

Where can I rent a van that’s not a minivan nor a 15-person passenger van? I can’t seem to find the happy medium cars anymore — the largest car Zipcar carries is a Honda Element, and the largest car everyone else offers is a Dodge Caravan.

I need to drive my 6-person band from New York to Philadelphia for a performance on July 6. With an acoustic bass, percussion and accordion, the Caravan is too small, but the 15-passenger vans are too big (and, as far as I understand, require a special license..)

Any ideas gratefully appreciated – thanks!,



  • Anonymous says:

    Great points!

    Hi Ljova… GREAT points at #2 and #3. Right on the money, man. Music licensing is a game that the biggest names in the music industry are playing now, and to differentiate yourself it is critical to do something authentic and top-notch.

    We deal with it all the time at our production music company, Burst Labs – people send in demos that we could have heard 100x last week alone!!

    Come check out our blog when you get a chance… we dig music and it looks like you do, too.

    Congrats on your feature film work… best of luck to you!

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