Love Potion, Expired (2007)

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Love Potion, Expired was sketched at the Central Park Boathouse, in New York, on March 20, 2005, while I performed at someone’s wedding. Several weeks beforehand, I first met the Gypsy band Romashka, and its vocalist, Inna Barmash. I wanted to write a piece that would be difficult to learn, and force Romashka’s audience to dance in odd rhythms — or just fall on the floor. Romashka rehearsed “Love Potion” once, but due to the nature of the performing spaces (dark lighting, lack of space for music stands) never performed in public.

A few months later, my ensemble Ljova and the Kontraband revived the piece.

CATEGORY Ljova and the Kontraband, lead sheet, world music, jazz
INSTRUMENTATION Ljova and the Kontraband — viola (or famiola), accordion, bass, percussion
DURATION 3 minutes 20 seconds
WORLD PREMIERE June 16, 2006 – Om Factory Yoga Studio, New York
WORLD PREMIERE PERFORMERS Ljova, viola; Patrick Farrell, accordion; Mike Savino, bass; Mathias Kunzli, percussion
OTHER NOTABLE PERFORMANCES October 14, 2007 — Ljova and the Kontraband with the Parker String Quartet, at Barbes, New York.

“Love Potion, Expired” is often performed by Ljova and the Kontraband as part of their set.

RECORDING Released on Ljova and the Kontraband’s debut album, “Mnemosyne” [album details] An arrangement of “Love Potion Expired” appears in the piece “Culai” for string quartet, and can be seen in this video.
SCORE AVAILABILITY All arrangements are available for sale via PDF or mail delivery; arrangements for combinations not listed above may be commissioned on request. [contact for more info]

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