Note: This list is quite incomplete, and the whole sheet-music catalog will be updated soon. Please feel free to contact us with any requests or questions.

Recent or Frequently Performed Instrumental Works

Title Instrumentation Year
Culai string quartet 2012
Everywhere is Falling Everywhere Silk Road Ensemble 2011
Sirota solo piano & historical recording 2011
Lamentation 2 cellos or 2 violas 2010
Sicilienne violin & piano (cello & piano) 2000
Garmoshka chamber orch., string orchestra, other arrangements available 2004
The Vjola Suite
a suite of 5 character pieces, arranged for diverse ensembles of instruments

string quartet + optional bass, string trio, other instrumentation available 2005-2007
Sonata for Tuba and Piano tuba, piano 1995

Vocal Works

Title Text
Niña Dance M. Agosín, S. Yurkievich
– for mezzo soprano & piano
Na Kostre from ancient Goliard poetry, tr. Lev Ginzburg

Repertoire of Ljova and the Kontraband

Love Potion, Expired
Crutchahoy Nign
See Ljova & the Kontraband’s webpage for more info.

Older Chamber Works

Title Instrumentation Duration Year
N. MALADIE viola, piano 3 mins 2005
Commissioned by the Puffin Foundation for The Sutton Ensemble
string quartet 6 mins 2004
FOUR 4 violas 6 mins 2004
for Elaine Sutin and The Sutton Ensemble
3 violins 6 mins 2003
INTERMEZZO SENTIMENTALE 1 or 2 violins and viola 4 mins 2003
25 viola, piano 5 mins 2003
STILL GOOD, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! cello, piano 4 mins 2002
or Thomas Hoppe
viola, piano 17 mins 2002
from the soundtrack to Alison Marek’s short film RED WAGON
viola, piano 3 mins 2002 WOODY ALLEN COFFEE MUSIC string quartet 3 mins 2001 WINDOW CLEANER string quartet 4 mins 2001 WALTZ: “MY HERITAGE”
Dedicated to my family
string quartet 4 mins 2001 WALTZ: “KREISLERISCH”
Dedicated to Lev Veksler
string quartet 4 mins 2001 ROMANCE FUNEBRE
Dedicated to Sarah Darling
2 violas, or violin and viola 6 mins 2000 1911 oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn 5 mins 1999 TeChNo! 2 grand pianos 9 mins 1995-1997 WALTZ: “AGNIESZKA”
Dedicated to Agnès Maison
string quartet 5 mins 1997 WALTZ string quartet 5 mins 1997 CONCERTO FOR A YOUNG PIANIST piano & strings or string quartet 10 mins 1996 ELEGIA cello (or viola) and piano 3 mins 1995 NIGHT AND DAY string quartet 7 mins 1993-1994 DUET
1st Prize Winner of
the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Composers Competition, 1995
violin and viola 9 mins 1995 MORGENMUSIK string quartet 4 mins 1994/95 STRING QUARTET #0, “MADHOUSE”
Honorable Mention – National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Composition Competition, 1994
string quartet 6 mins 1994

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