My wife and I wrote a new song together — to the lyrics of the great Russian poet Alexander Blok.

It was a fairly equal collaboration — Inna came up with a perfectly gorgeous tune, which I tweaked through my usual proclivities, and added a short instrumental interlude. I’ve never re-written a tune before, especially something so perfect, and was absolutely amazed at what Inna came up with, completely out of the blue. But little by little, tearing at the meaning of the song and the chords, made a few changes and learned a lot.

So, now we have a tiny blip of a 1:25″ minute song, and sure, we can “develop” it, with an instrumental and etc. into a 3:30″ memorable classic — but I’m more excited to keep poking forks into it until it’s as far from a folk or pop traditional song as my ear will allow.

It’s perfectly good now — but what else is there, what structural mayhem can I pull, what can be stretched more, what error process can I set off to do something so grossly wrong that it will come out just right, and will make all the difference?

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