out of it

Never felt like this before – I’m half here. Half of me is sitting at Rapture, and the other half is in bed, sleeping. My eyesight is at half capacity, my hearing is at half of its sensitivity, my sense of smell is gone. My hands, mouth, and nose feel numb. But most of all, I feel quite clearly that half of me is still in bed, and is imagining all of this. And yet, I really am sitting in a cafe.

Earlier today, I cleaned my room and walked Inna to school. (On the way, she mentioned some of my greying hair.) Then I walked to my bank and deposited some checks, then to Au Bon Pain for a chicken soup… then to Whole Foods for a shake. I remember everything quite acutely – I feel like someone in his mid-70s, double and triple checking everything he does, making sure to keep his hand on his wallet.

I’ve been battling a non-stop marathon of colds and allergies since mid-December. With the exception of the 2 weeks I spent in California, I’ve had to take either Claritin or something else every day to decongest. Somehow, none of our doctor friends seem worried, (though there’s plenty of reason to be).

what an odd feeling! more on this soon. for now, relax. 🙂

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