Caprices for Fadolín Solo (2019-)

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“Caprices for Fadolín Solo” is a work-in-progress collection of new works for the fadolín, the six-string violin that combines the range of the violin, the viola and almost all of the cello by using two extra strings – the low F and C (the “fa” and “do” in the newly-minted word “fadolín”). While the C string exists on the viola and cello, the F string is unique to the fadolín.

Though I’ve been performing on a fadolín (and its sister, the famiola) — both built by Eric Aceto — since 2008, I had never considered to write repertoire specific to the instrument and its capabilities until launching my Patreon community in 2019. The aim of the new Caprices is to use the instrument for what it is – not a violin with extended range but for the instrument to become something of its own. Much of the inspiration for this work comes – as you might guess – from Bach’s suites for solo instruments, chiefly among them the Sonatas & Partitas for the Violin and the Suites for Cello — but my collection of Caprices uses the form more loosely in terms of style and variety. I’m also using this collection as a travelogue, writing pieces as a way of capturing a feeling while on tour or on vacation.

At present, the collection includes:
— “Chaika Blues” (written in Moscow)
— “Courante de Maman” (written in New York)
— “Seacliff Serenade” (written in Aptos, California)
— “Baltic Melismas” (written in Palanga, Lithuania)
— “(Brunch at) Tasty & Alder” (written in Portland, Oregon)
— “Honeymoon Tune” (written in Split, Croatia)

and others.

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CATEGORY solo instruments
DURATION currently ~20 minutes
WORLD PREMIERE October 19 2019 at Postcrypt Coffeehouse, Columbia University, New York NY
RECORDING excerpts from the Fadolín Caprices are in the video above, full versions of these performances are currently available to Ljova’s Patreon community and arts presenters upon request.
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