The most delicious film Ljova’s ever scored, feat. Ljova and the Kontraband

music by Ljova
featuring performances by Ljova and the Kontraband
with special guests Alon Yavnai (piano) and Marcus Rojas (tuba)

SUMMARY: Candi is torn between two loves: one for cupcakes, the other for a TV fitness guru. When she tries to shed one passion in order to gain the other, she is sent on an enjoyably absurd trajectory as she encounters the thin line between love and madness. Will poor Candi ever get to have her cake and eat it too?

written & directed by Sean McPhillips
produced by Joe Bakhash
starring Kinna McInroe

premiered at Tribeca Film Festival

The end-title song, “Gone Crazy”, is available on Ljova and the Kontraband’s debut album, below: