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commissioned by the City of London Sinfonia
“Elegy” was written over the course of several hours during 23-24 April 2015, but I had made some sketches in previous weeks while working on a score to the film “Finding Babel”. Having scored two films back-to-back (“Finding Babel” and “Datuna: Portrait of America”), I was greatly looking forward to writing a composition that left more to the interpretation of the performers. This score is my first composition not in a specific meter, but is comprised almost entirely of repeating aleatoric fragments. The performers choose how to perform the material, while the conductor decides how long the material will repeat. Inspired by recent news events, “Elegy” is meant to flow like a river of thoughts and conversations.
CATEGORY chamber orchestra, flexible instrumentation
INSTRUMENTATION flexible instrumentation – the premiere instrumentation was flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, harp, strings
DURATION approximately 12-14 minutes
WORLD PREMIERE April 29, 2015 at the Village Underground, London
WORLD PREMIERE PERFORMERS City of London Sinfonia, conducted by Ljova
RECORDINGS forthcoming
SCORE AVAILABILITY All compositions and arrangements are available for sale via PDF or mail delivery; arrangements for combinations not listed above may be commissioned on request. [contact for more info]