Ljova – Only Love

An animated short film by emerging 20 year old animation director, Lev Polyakov.

music by Ljova.

A tragicomedy about a Dictator, a Rebel, and Love. It is shockingly funny and packed with surprises. Brimming with nonstop creative energy, this traditionally animated short is a feast for the eyes and ears with beautifully painted backgrounds and an outstanding orchestral score. Beyond the jokes and fast action lies a deep thought about a mans eternal search for love and a terrible price one sometimes has to pay for it.


Awards * 2009 Ivy Film Festival (Best Animation) * 2009 New Strand Film Festival (Student Visionary Award) * 2009 Kent Film Festival (Best Animation) * 2009 Purple Violet Student Film Festival (Best Animation) * 2008 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (Best Student Animation)

Festivals * 2008 Woodstock Film Festival, USA (World Premier) * 2008 Philadelphia Film-A-Thon, Project Twenty1 Film Festival, USA * 2008 Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema (Canada Premier) * 2009 Palm Beach International Film Festival * 2009 Long Island International Film Expo * 2009 Spokane International Film Festival * 2009 Riverside International Film Festival * 2009 Flickerings Film Showcase * 2009 Treasure Coast International Film Festival * 2009 MOTION Film Festival * 2009 Delray Beach Film Festival * 2009 Artsfest Film Festival * 2009 Woods Hole Film Festival * 2009 SSG Summer Shorts Fest * 2009 Reno Film Festival * 2009 The 9th Tel Aviv Animation Festival * 2009 CrankCookieShortfilmdays, Germany * 2009 Southern Winds Film Festival

Film Info * Premier: October 2, 2008, Woodstock Film Festival * Running time: 15 min * Production format: NTSC 720p