Blackberry, Farewell

a sympathy song for the Blackberry, written and sung by Ljova, with Mike Savino





shot with an iPhone 4S

music and lyrics by Ljova ©2011 / twitter: @Ljovadotcom

performed by:
Mike Savino, banjo
Flutiqua / ASopp, whistle
Ljova, famiola & vocal

cinematography and direction by David Goodman & Ljova

sing along now:
I’m gonna miss you, Blackberry
you used to encrypt my thoughts
My dreams & prayers went through Canada
Oh Canada, Oh Canada
But now, it’s all for naught.

My dear, beloved Blackberry
You used to be my friend
And I could remove your battery
Your battery, your battery
When you could not meet your end.

Oh, I never thought the day would come
That our love would ever lapse
I used to have my Blackberry
my Blackberry, My Blackberry
And now — I’ve got a lot of apps…