“Out of Leftovers” is a music series aiming to quash several pains at once — a hunger for live music in the neighborhood, a hunger for a tasty meal, and sheer exhaustion. If you’re an Upper West Side family with kids, chances are that your weekends are filled with birthday parties, sports leagues and music recitals. By Sunday afternoon your refrigerator is empty and everyone is wiped – you are “out of leftovers” in every way. This is our reality, too, and we’re going to fix it –

Every month, join us at Bar Thalia, the cafe & bar inside Symphony Space, at the corner of 95th and Broadway. The cafe opens at 5pm and we will fill the room with music at 5:30. There is a very tasty menu (go look – link below!) as well as beer, wine and cocktails available. The music is free — your donations are greatly appreciated — and seating is available on a first come first served basis.

The series is being curated by Ljova (a.k.a. Lev Zhurbin), the Russian-born composer and performer and long-time Upper West Sider. Ljova has composed music for Yo-Yo Ma and the Silkroad Ensemble, the City of London Sinfonia and The Louisville Orchestra, arranged for the Kronos Quartet, and collaborated with dozens of independent filmmakers and choreographers large and small. He leads the ensemble Ljova and the Kontraband and lives on the Upper West Side with his wife, the vocalist Inna Barmash, and their two children.

UPCOMING 2020 DATES — all Sundays at 5:30pm:

April 19, May 3, June 21

REGRETFULLY, with Symphony Space being closed due to Coronavirus COVID-19 until June 30, all forthcoming dates are postponed indefinitely.

“OUT OF LEFTOVERS” at Bar Thalia
2537 Broadway (at 95th Street) — inside Symphony Space
Free (suggested donation for the band). Food & drinks available for purchase.
By subway, take the 1/2/3 trains to 96th Street. Busses: M104 or M96 Crosstown
Citibike dock across the street

Q: Can I bring our kids?
A: Absolutely! We’re bringing ours, too.

Q: Can I buy tickets in advance?
A: Sorry there are no tickets – the show is free (suggested donation), you just show up.

Q: Can I reserve a table?
A: Unfortunately not — it’s a small space, holds about 50 people. Cafe opens at 5pm and music begins around 5:30.

Q: Where is the menu?
A: https://www.symphonyspace.org/your-visit/bar-thalia-menu

Previously at “Out of Leftovers”:

March 8 2020: International Women’s Day
Returning to our old annual tradition — celebrating International Women’s Day with Inna Barmash (vocal),Patrick Farrell (accordion) and Ljova (fadolín)
plus student performances by CK and Kaden

February 9 2020: American String Quartets
Performers: Ariana Kim & Guillaume Pirard (violins), Ljova (viola) and Valeriya Sholokhova (cello)
plus student performances by CK, YK, and YZ!

January 12 2020: The Secret Quartet presents music by Ljova
Performers: Cornelius Dufallo & Leonor Falcón (violins), Ljova (fadolín) and Yves Dharamraj (cello)
plus student performances by YZ!

December 1 2019: Songs of Our Grandparents
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín), Roman Samoletov (bayan) and Adam Fisher (cello)
plus student performance by BZ!

November 3 2019: Neighborhood Klezmer Jam
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Jeff Perlman (clarinet), Erica Mancini (accordion), Ron Caswell (tuba)

October 6 2019:
Performers: Mike McGinnis (clarinet), Ljova (fadolín), Jennifer Vincent (bass)

September 8 2019:
Performers: Sabina Torosjan (violin), Ljova (fadolín), Valeriya Sholokhova (cello)

May 5 2019: Neighborhood Klezmer Jam
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Jeff Perlman (clarinet), Ljova (fadolín), Shoko Nagai (accordion)

April 7 2019:
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín), Patrick Farrell (accordion)

========= A previous incarnation of this series, at Silvana in Harlem:

February 1 2015: Yiddish Lullabies and Love Songs
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín), Zisl Slepovitch (clarinet), Shoko Nagai (accordion), Dmitry Ishenko (bass)

January 18 2015:
Performers: Sara Caswell (violin), Joseph Brent (mandolin), Ljova (fadolín), Jordan Sand (bass)

January 11 2015:
Performers: Charlie Burnham (violin), Ljova (fadolín), Pablo Aslan (bass)

========= And previously the “Sundays at Five” Residency at Barbès in Brooklyn:

December 7 2014: Ljova and the Kontraband and guests
Performers: Kinan Azmeh (clarinet), Johnny Gandelsman (violin), Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín), Patrick Farrell (accordion), Jordan Sand (bass), Mathias Künzli (percussion)

November 30 2014:
Performers: Charlie Burnham (violin), Ljova (fadolín), Pablo Aslan (bass)

November 23 2014:
Performers: Julian Kystaty (banduras), Ljova (fadolín and loopers)

November 16 2014:
Performers: Sanda Weigl (vocal), Ljova (fadolín and loopers)

November 9 2014: Yiddish Lullabies and Love Songs
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín), Zisl Slepovitch (clarinet), Shoko Nagai (accordion), Dmitry Ishenko (bass)

November 2 2014:
Performers: JP Jofre (bandoneon), Miki-Sophia Cloud (violin), Ljova (fadolín); special guest Natalia Lafourcade (vocal)

October 26 2014: Barmaljova
Performers: Inna Barmash (vocal), Ljova (fadolín & looper)