Listen to the latest Netlicks Nightly Bakes:

SHEET MUSIC: Download a PDF of the “Netlicks!” sheet music in Concert pitch,in B-flat and E-flat transpositions, as well as Treble, Alto, and Bass Clefs.

TEMPLATES: download the templates I made for Garageband (for iPad or iPhone or Desktop) ProTools and Reaper. Also – here’s a MIDI file! and an mp3 file of the baby fiddle guide.

Do you have any questions or requests? Get in touch!

Ljova, baby fiddle (NY)
Brian Hotchkin, countertenor (CA)
Steve Sandberg, VL-70 breath synthesizer (NY)
Ralph Mendoza, piano (NY)
Sxip Shirey, electronics (NY)
Louis Levitt, bass (NY)
Mathias Künzli, percussion (CA)
Jeremie Michael, keyboards (FL)
George Socolow (age 7), piano (NY)
Jude & Max S. (age 5&7), toys & whistles (NY)
Mack Scocca-Ho (age 12), viola (Manhattan, NY)
Amelia Krinke (age 16), viola (Bronx, NY)
Alex Fernández Figueroa, viola (Mexico)
Binyomin Ginzberg, MiniMoog & accordion samples (NJ)
Bryan Charles Wilson, cello (NJ)
Zisl Slepovitch, bass clarinet & sax (NY)

Hi – my name is Ljova!

You’re home — I’m home — we’re all home! You would like to make some music — and I would desperately love to make some music.

Here is a piece I wrote earlier today that I think we could play all together — right from our homes.

I give you — NetLicks!  

Netlicks! is a bluesy chord progression, a juicy bass line, and a set of 21 “Licks” — small ideas that can be repeated and put together into a larger piece.

You can participate using any instrument or voice! Download the sheet music above, set your metronome to 112bpm and 3/4 time or download the templates I made for Garageband, ProTools and Reaper (also above).

Record as many licks as you like and send them back to me in any way that’s most convenient for you — email them to me at, post them on your Soundcloud or YouTube, Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll find a way to incorporate whatever you send me into a large world-wide jam.   Tag me (#Ljova and #netlicks) so I can find them easier.

Would your rather take a solo over the changes? Go right ahead! But one thing I can almost promise you — any recordings you send me will be edited in some way.

Looking forward to hearing and meeting you all!

Thank you for bringing your talent and voice — let’s make the best of it!

P.S. Some of these licks are rather fancy — if you’re a beginner, take a look at licks 17-20! Or feel free simply to open strings and I’ll find a way to fit you in. Additionally, I’ve recorded a video demo of all 21 original Netlicks, which you can watch here.

P.P.S. Like many of you, I’m sitting at home, with lots of work that was suddenly canceled. I am available for commissions, arranging, teaching and collaborative projects — read about everything I can do with some examples –> working through the outbreak. Thank you for considering!