Famiola for sale

I am selling my “Famiola” – a 6-string violin/viola hybrid built by the wonderful Eric Aceto of Ithaca String Instruments in the winter of 2007.

It encompasses the range of the violin, the viola, and extends down to a low F. (Strings are tuned, from the top down, as E-A-D-G-C-F.)
Any interested parties, please contact me directly. Thank you!

You can hear the instrument in the tracks featured below, which I have recorded over the last few years:

“Old Men” features me on the famiola and Mike Savino on banjo
“Tehila” features me playing both the famiola (on the bass line, and some melody), and also my viola.
“Fresh Wood” features an improvisation recorded exclusively on the famiola.

Here’s a video of me performing on it with Ljova and the Kontraband:

And here’s a video of me using it as a bass:

Several pictures below:

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