The Fadolín, Unplugged

The Fadolín, Unplugged is my newest performance project, an ongoing Patreon-supported development of solo repertoire exploring the fadolín, a unique string instrument encompassing the full range of the violin, viola, and most of the cello.

Though I’ve owned and performed on a fadolín made by the visionary Ithaca-based luthier Eric Aceto since 2008, and used it prominently in the creation of my albums “Melting River” and “SoLò Ópus“, I hadn’t written works that could be performed live, without loopers or pre-records, specifically on this instrument — until now.

Since 2019, with gratitude to my Patreon supporters I’ve been steadily writing music, having now premiered over an hour’s worth of recital and training material for myself and a future generation of fadolínists. You can hear some of it in the video playlist below. In addition to Eric Aceto’s instruments (I own two) I’m also now performing on a new fadolín that I commissioned from the Vermont-based luthier Nathaniel Rowan.

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Enjoy the music and thank you for listening! –Ljova

Ljova - Caprices for Fadolín Solo (excerpts)

Ljova - Caprices for Fadolín Solo (excerpts)
a growing collection of music composed and performed by Ljova
on a fadolín, made by Eric Aceto

Recorded live at Postcrypt Coffeehouse, Columbia University, New York
October 19 2019

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Filmed by Gubi Chiriboga
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