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Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin was born in 1978 in Moscow, the son of a composer and a poet.  In 1990, Ljova's family moved to New York, where he currently lives. 

As a violist, Ljova enjoys a rich and varied life freelancing in and around New York City as well as Europe, where he tours on a yearly basis.   While on a recent tour to Italy, Ljova was heard improvising music on the paintings at an exhibition by Swiss-Italian artist, Caio Gracco.   Some of this unique event was broadcast on Italian Television, RAI. As an avid performer and enthusiast of contemporary music, Ljova has played with such groups as the Absolute Ensemble, the New Juilliard Ensemble, and has also premiered a number of works by fellow student composers.  For three years, Ljova has also been a member of The Wild Ginger Philharmonic, which continues to be a great musical inspiration for him.  He is also a frequent guest member of the Boston Philharmonic.

As a composer, Ljova seeks to express that which is within himself, his friends and his surroundings. He can easily shift styles, from classical to jazz, and sometimes even to pop. In short, he doesn't like to limit himself.  He takes his inspiration from anything he sees and anyone he may meet.  Ljova's works have won a number of awards and prizes, including top honors from ASCAP and Jacksonville University.  His compositions have been performed around the world to great acclaim..  This February, twelve of Ljova’s compositions had their premieres during an “All-Ljova” concert at The Juilliard School, where he is currently in his last year of undergraduate studies.

Outside of his musical interests, Ljova enjoys walking, 
talking, thinking, films, museums, computers, and other entertaining ideas. 

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