Bach – Chromatic Fantasy arranged for fadolín by Ljova

Hi friends,

I’ve got one more video for you in 2020 — and it’s more Bach — this time a meatier segue to my post from last week (see video at bottom).

At the beginning of March, when everything shut down in an instant, among the first things I did was write out an arrangement of Bach’s “Chromatic Fantasy” for fadolín. This tumultuous piece has always been in the back of my mind since I heard it performed by Vivek Kamath, during my first year at Juilliard, as part of Samuel Rhodes’s masterclass. It’s a piece I’ve always wanted to learn but never found the right occasion — or the right instrument. Originally composed for harpsichord, this piece always seemed too difficult in Kodály’s solo viola arrangement, and too many notes had to be displaced to a higher octave.

Enter a brand new fadolín — and the time to practice.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this version, recorded at home. I’m still tweaking some choices here and there but it feels stable and free.

Thank you so much to my Patreon community for supporting ongoing work for solo fadolín!

Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead. Be safe and healthy!


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