Works released during COVID-19

Hi friends,

This page mirrors a YouTube playlist of works I’ve released on video since Coronavirus COVID-19 took hold of New York City and closed down large parts of the world. It will be continually updated. If you’re interested in performing or licensing any of the works, please contact me directly. Stay safe and thank you for looking! –Ljova

Ljova - Intermezzo - with Laura Melnicoff and Valeriya Sholokhova (full)

Here is the full performance of my "Intermezzo" for two cellos and fadolín, featuring my friends, cellists Laura Melnicoff and Valeriya Sholokhova,, and myself on fadolín.

This is a live recording,
direct from the premiere -- it happened via the video conferencing platform Zoom earlier this week. I was on the Upper West Side, Valeriya on the Upper East, and Laura was in Upstate NY.

Though notated in 3/4 time, this piece takes into account the latency that one experiences during video conferencing, a slight delay between one performer hearing the other. Rather than exist in a singular strict vertical time, two of the musicians perform a form of "call and response", while a third floats a melody on top.


Thank you so much to Valierya and Laura for trying this with me, and to you for listening.

-Ljova 🎻🎻🎻 #music #composing #quarantinelife #covid_19 #alonetogether #cello #cellists #fadolín #fadolin #musicians #zoommusichall #zoommusic #iloveny #ilovenyc #ljova #lauramelnicoff #valeriyasholokhova #songsofcomfort
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